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Country Pig Nuts

Badminton Country Pig Nuts help take the worry out of feeding pigs of all ages, from weaner to breeding stock. They make the ideal choice for the small holder.

Country Pig Nuts contain 17% protein and a higher energy to help ensure good milk production from the sow, supporting healthy well grown piglets and steady growth rates for the weaned pigs. Badminton only use fully traceable natural wholesome ingredients in the manufacture of their feeds and they contain no artificial growth promoters.

- Dry sow, during pregnancy: 2-3kg/day
- Lactating sow: 2kg/day plus 0.5kg/day for every suckling piglet.
- Weaner: Feed ad lib.
- Grower/Finisher: 1-1.5kg/day at 25kg bodyweight, rising by 0.5kg/day for each further month of age, to a maximum of 2.5kg/day for a `Bacon` weight pig.
- Boar: At rest 2kg/day and up to 4kg/day in work

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